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June 2017.

I've left this website fall into disrepair. I just don't have time any more to keep stuff up to date. (Which led to me deleting wordpress, due to the constant stream of updates necessary to keep it current). Since I started working at Facebook (almost two years already, crazy), my time for blogging etc has dwindled a little, so I just took it down a while ago, and broke god knows how many links. At some point I intend to take the db and generate static content from it, but that's another project I've not found time for.

I've deleted a lot of stuff that no-one cared about form this server. What's left is basically the 'high traffic' stuff. like a kernel hacking 'howto' I wrote (that's now a little dated, but people seem to find it interesting). I still have a page about the various versions of fsx, and there are still auto-generated snapshot tarballs of various projects using git as an SCM (including git itself).

Finally, my own projects that still see activity are here too (though github is the source-of-truth) trinity - a system call fuzzer, and x86info - x86 CPU identification/information tool. (The latter doesn't see a lot of activity any more, but I still occasionally tweak it, and apply patches people send).

What's going on with me at Facebook ? I'm still a production engineer on the Linux kernel team there, which I'm still enjoying enormously. Lots of tracking down bugs, enhancing monitoring, working on testing etc.

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