Gskill SSD performance

I just got two 64GB SSDs. In particular the gskill 25S2S‘s. Initial impressions: Yes, faster than a hard disk, but not *that* fast.

The blurb claims sequential reads of up to 155MB/sec. Maybe the ICH7 I plugged it into sucks for some reason, but I could only hit about half that. Running them both in RAID0 didn’t give me a significant increase either. I’ll do some more conclusive experimenting on newer SATA chipsets when I go into the office next week.

One thing that I did find really strange though, was the hdperf results.
gskill SSD performance from hdperf

Interesting how the performance isn’t uniform across the SSD, and also how the patterns shape up as we get into the higher sectors.

With SSD prices continuing to tumble, it’s great that this kind of performance is getting closer to becoming mainstream. Whilst the results above don’t blow me away, it’s still a decent improvement over rotating media.
As a final example: untarring the 2.6.28 kernel to 2x 7200rpm disks in RAID0 = 27 seconds. The same procedure to my raid0’d SSDs = 11 seconds. Not too shabby.

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