x86info 1.24

I just pushed out a new release of x86info.
Not a huge amount of stuff changed, but it has recognition for Atom, and Nehalem, which are becoming widespread enough that it’s worth doing a release. I also added a few older quad core CPUs that I previously overlooked last time I went through the spec update datasheets.

The results/ directory is looking a little neglected. If anyone wants to send me examples for CPUs not presently in there, I’ll get them added. A zillion ‘core 2′ entries isn’t really so interesting, so unless there’s a compelling difference between models, I’ll only add one from each generation.

Oh, and this release requires a minimum of glibc 2.4 (so did earlier ones for the last few releases, but now there’s an explicit check)

2 thoughts on “x86info 1.24”

  1. There are a few things that seem to be missing in the tables (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Core_microarchitecture#Intel_Core_steppings_using_65nm_process):

    * core microarchitecture CPUs with a given stepping can be any brand (Celeron, Pentium dual-core, Core 2 duo, Core 2 quad, Xeon), making it really hard to name them just by stepping.

    * extended family 6 model 6 (model 22) is a core 2 solo or celeron 200/400/500

    * extended family 6 model 0xd (model 30) is a xeon 74xx (dunnington)

    * extended family 6 model 23 and 26 are probably misdetected in your logic because you don’t add 16 to the model number before that.

    1. The efamily/emodel checks are done elsewhere instead of munging the traditional values..

      For eg..

      case 0x6:
      if (cpu->emodel == 0)

      Not pretty, but it works, and doesn’t require going back through updating some of the other case:’s.

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