interesting windows 8 leaked info.

I found this article interesting. The power management slides could be retitled “what Linux has done in the last three years”. So windows 7 didn’t ship with a dynamic timer tick ? Surprising. Linux isn’t perfect when it comes to power management, but we’re a lot better than we were, and it’s interesting to see Windows now planning on using some of the same innovations.

The ‘fast startup’ slides are interesting too. The ‘logoff & hibernate’ is the only real ‘new’ feature there afaics. It’s interesting to see terms used that have become passe in Linux like ‘cache prefetching’ and ‘parallel startup’.

2 thoughts on “interesting windows 8 leaked info.”

  1. Our field is so exciting, so many different innovations, discoveries, and lessons. Glad to see different groups can innovate in different ways.

    Kind of small of you to mock others in the same industry, though. Is that how Linux is going to gain acceptance, or are can it stand on its own merits?

    1. I don’t see it as mocking, more as affirmation that we’re doing something right.
      It’s interesting how things have changed from “Linux just steals ideas from other operating systems”.

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