Fedora rawhide bugzilla status report from 2012-02-03 to 2012-02-10

The rawhide kernel is continuing to rebase towards 3.3. (currently at -rc3)
There are 149 open bugs right now.

Things are pretty quiet in rawhide right now. Perhaps things will pick up after the F17 alpha/beta’s start seeing more use, but at the moment there’s considerably more bug activity going on in the releases than the development branch.

In the last week, 6 got closed.

  • 772772: rt2860 should now be working fine.
  • 703118: Dell ST2220T touch screens should work
  • 787373: PowerPC compile failure fixed
  • 626026: Some rcu_deference_check warnings should now be fixed.
  • 788125: usrmove related fallout.
  • 785295: Watchdog overflow no longer seems to be occuring.

16 bugs got filed/changed in the last week.

  • 783211: Cache inconsistency when reading from a partition vs the parent block_device
  • 647429: GFS2: [RFE] Implement trimfs ioctl
  • 636287: GFS2: [RFE] Make GFS2 handle errors more gracefully
  • 785939: iwlwifi is spewing garbage in the logs, sometimes hangs
  • 785772: Logs filled by ICMPv6 RA: ndisc_router_discovery() failed to add default route
  • 696219: No sound input using snd-hda-intel
  • 735641: Oops in kernel-3.1.0-0.rc4.git0.0.fc16.i686 while plugging Sony digital camera
  • 645877: possible circular locking at dquot_commit
  • 788064: reproducible kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/inode.c:1668!
  • 748159: SD card reader not detected on ASUS notebook
  • 759213: Truncated core dumps generated when piped through custom hook
  • 789017: [abrt] kernel: BUG: MAX_LOCKDEP_ENTRIES too low!
  • 787281: [abrt] kernel: WARNING: at fs/sysfs/inode.c:323 sysfs_hash_and_remove+0xa9/0xb0()
  • 784089: (AutoFS) [abrt] kernel: [ INFO: possible recursive locking detected ] lock(&(&dentry->d_lock)->rlock);
  • 787319: [abrt] kernel: [ INFO: possible recursive locking detected ] snd_pcm_action_group() lock(&(&substream->self_group.lock)->rlock/1)
  • 769747: [sdb] Asking for cache data failed

Not really enough samples to start seeing patterns. Going through the older bugs and closing out stale entries is something that needs doing.