Fedora master branch statistics.

I did another checkout of master/ and run fedpkg prep over it for a few days.
I had to restart it a few times, after it fell over on a few packages that didn’t pass ‘fedpkg prep’ when run with an interactive session.
(This was enough of a problem that eventually I ran fedpkg prep </dev/null)

Some nerd stats.

132G of disk space used.
11249 packages.
5509839 files.

458671 .c files (LOC: 261851028)
56547 .cc files (LOC: 16995428)
224509 .cpp files (LOC: 86758698)
510207 .h files (LOC: 89604481)
109383 .py files (LOC: 26341574)
29405 .sh files (LOC: 22613899)
13473 .pl files (LOC: 2819156)
12094 .rb files (LOC: 2162266)
6734 .el files (LOC: 4451797)
5923 .hs files (LOC: 1198194)

Points of note:

  • People coding in C++ really like typing.

  • There might be twice as many ruby files as there are emacs lisp, but elisp has twice the linecount. (Probably all those brackets)

As an aside, the number of packages that contain files that have bad perms (000 ?!), or dangling symlinks surprised me.

Oh, and the total number of lines of text ? 2058188485. (It took almost four hours to count)

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