Weekly Fedora kernel bug statistics – March 16 2012

  15 16 17 rawhide  
Open: 349 509 31 144 (1033)
Closed since 2012-03-09 2 53 16 4  
Changed since 2012-03-09 13 115 9 4  

It’s pretty clear to see that f16 has been seeing most of the attention this week. (As it has been for most of the month).

Overall bug count creeping up, but some of the long standing bugs like the various corruption bugs mention in last weeks posts are slowly edging their way to closure. Andrea Arcangeli fixed bug in the transparent huge page code which explains a bunch of the page table corruption issues we saw reported. The i915/hibernate/memory corruption bug has at least some theories on a potential solution now, and we’ve been able to attribute another bunch of the ‘weird’ bugs to post-hibernate corruption now that we know what patterns to look for.

With 3.3 likely being released next week, we’ll be moving F16 to it (and F15 a week later). Hopefully we get to close out a bunch more of the longer standing bugs that haven’t been backported to -stable.