Weekly Fedora kernel bug statistics – March 23 2012

  15 16 17 rawhide  
Open: 346 505 49 142 (1042)
Closed since 2012-03-16 5 68 11 5  
Changed since 2012-03-16 13 407 21 4  

This week saw a lot of activity in Fedora 16. We pushed out a rebase to 3.3. Yesterday I did a mass-update to bugzilla requesting people retest. (Which screwed up when I got a bugzilla proxy error, causing everything to be posted 3 times. Apologies to those who got all those mails).

The good news is we seem to be closing a lot of bugs quickly from this rebase.
Around 50 or so bugs got closed just since yesterday.
As with any rebase, some new bugs are showing up, but some of the more common ones (like the bluetooth oopses) I think we’ve got a handle on, and will get fixed in an update out next week.

Next week, 3.3.1 should also land, and that will likely coincide with Fedora 15 also getting a rebase to this kernel. It’s been a while since we’ve had three releases all on the same version. (I think last time was F12/F13/F14).

Despite all this activity, the overall bug count still remains very high. We still have no real answer for all the memory corruption problems caused by hibernate (which accounts for dozens of open bugs now, plus probably a bunch that we haven’t yet attributed to this problem).