Weekly Fedora kernel bug statistics – July 13th 2012

  16 17 rawhide  
Open: 517 162 167 (846)
Opened since 2012-07-06 22 16 2 (40)
Closed since 2012-07-06 81 35 1 (117)
Changed since 2012-07-06 47 49 12 (108)

Starting to put a dent in the F16 bugs. A lot of lingering bugs got closed out. This week had a number of people confirm my suspicions of bad hardware. It’s always nice to have those hunches proven correct. After staring at enough bugs for long enough, some bugs just look so.. weird that bad hardware is pretty much the only reasonable explanation. Next week should get F16 back below 500.

The bug-tagging project is ongoing as we’re sweeping through the F16/f17 bugs. Still lots to do there.

~100 F15 bugs got closed out earlier this week with an EOL message.