Weekly Fedora kernel bug statistics – September 14th 2012

  16 17 18 rawhide  
Open: 364 251 10 168 (793)
Opened since 2012-09-07 7 13 4 2 (26)
Closed since 2012-09-07 13 25 0 1 (39)
Changed since 2012-09-07 21 46 7 8 (82)

Closing out some more old bugs with insufficient info this week.
We had a lot of reports of a warning from the ipv4 code over the last two weeks. It looked like all the reporters were using VMWare, and someone even confirmed it went away after he updated.
Of course, after we closed it out, someone triggered it without vmware. Neil Horman seems to be chasing down the actual cause.

Asides from this, the usual mix of bugs. Nothing too out of the ordinary.
Still no resolution on the framebuffer/drm hang, even after people tried bisecting it. Nngh.