Weekly Fedora kernel bug statistics – October 19th 2012

  16 17 18 rawhide  
Open: 345 358 43 182 (928)
Opened since 2012-10-12 9 86 6 8 (109)
Closed since 2012-10-12 5 39 5 2 (51)
Changed since 2012-10-12 25 75 11 17 (128)

I finally got the rebase to 3.6 done this week. No impact on the number of open bugs yet. As the incoming bug rate for 16 shows, most users have moved on to 17 already. Still, it’s good to have all three branches on the same release again. 3.6.2 is currently in updates-testing and could use some people to give it karma to get that moved into updates. Hopefully before 3.6.3 is released.

Continuing to see a lot of tainted F17 bugs due to the broken abrt. A fixed version is in testing. Even after that moves out of testing, it’ll be a while until that gets rolled out across all users, so I expect to see a bunch of tainted bugs to continue to be filed.

Still seeing a bunch of really unexplained bugs.

  • Lots of people seem to be seeing empty IPI mask warnings.

  • bad page table/page map warnings
  • weird GPFs

Nearly all of these are 32-bit. Annoyingly, the broken abrt out there is filing bugs on secondary oopses/warnings (ie, already tainted), and not filing the first trace.

Not too exciting. A bunch of wireless bugs make up most of the ‘action’ here.
With F16/F17 now being on the same kernel that F18 is going to release with, any bugs we fix there will hopefully get fixed in time for F18 GA.

No huge problems, but the usual trickle of bugs.