USB debug cables.

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to get given a USB EHCI debug cable. With traditional serial ports being a thing of the past that I haven’t seen on a new machine in a long time, it’s been a lifesaver. The number of kernel crashes I’ve been able to capture through using that cable that would have otherwise been lost is some ridiculously high immeasurable number. I’m saying I like this thing, a lot.

So much so that I wanted to buy more of them, so I could not have to keep replugging it around between test machines.
With multiple test machines constantly running, it’s not really a practical solution.

The first problem, they aren’t cheap. $95 each. For basically two USB->serial chips, and some circuitry to make them handshake.
The bigger problem, is that only one place seems to sell them and they’ve been
“out of stock, and in redesign” for a long time now.

I tried emailing the manufacturer Ajaystech, who seem to completely ignore their sales@ email address.


In the absence of a replacement, I’m going to have to hope that netconsole works well enough on older machines, and in the future, dumps to pstore.