Linux 2.5 Status/TODO page.

This list is a resurrection of what Ted Ts'o kept at As with its predecessor, its almost always out of date, please send updates to [email protected]

Hopefully up to date as of 2.5.25
Latest version of this list is always available at

1. Should Be Fixed Already (Confirmation Wanted)

2. Capable Of Corrupting Your FS/data.

3. Security.

4. Boot Time Failures.

5. Compile errors.

6. Oopses / obvious bugs / Needs checking / broken userspace.

7. In Progress.

8. Obvious Projects For People (well if you have the hardware..)

9. Fix Exists But Isnt Merged.

10. To Do.

11. To Do But Non Showstopper

12. To Check.

13. Probably Post 2.6

This list sort-of kept up to date by davej.